I have been intrigued since childhood by ancient worlds and antique cultures such as Babylon, Ashur, Mesopotamia and Egypt, particularly by their visual language and its vast symbolic richness. I have found myself fascinated with the human figures’ and animals’ images, all of which are characterized by non-standard body proportions and unique facial features, and recalling comics’ characters. Looking at them through contemporary glasses – they certainly may seem odd and ridiculous, yet I find them fresh, charming and relevant more than ever.

My work ranges between the two dimensional and three dimensional – between painting and miniature embossments sculpting. As one may expect, it is based upon a set of non-trivial connections I draw between images, icons and scenes taken from different sources and stemming from a broad spectrum of influences – starting from Middle Eastern history and local archeology, through the reality of my life’s daily experiences, to my family cultural heritage – and they are all living together in my head.

And so, I delicately intertwine and compose all the various details into a homogenous picture, where the boundaries between classical and pop, ancient and contemporary, high and low, social realism and fictional narrative, are completely blurred. But, and beyond everything else, the outcome is a familiar and at the same time a foreign portrait, which always conceals a sense of irony combined with a shred of social criticism. Yet, they are articulated not a bystander’s position, but from being an integral and totally inseparable part of the artwork over its pure essence.

I live and work in in Tel Aviv, Israel.