Big Eyes | 2023 | Solo exhibition | Hanina Gallery

“Big Eyes,” showcased in a solo exhibition at the Hanina Gallery in Tel Aviv in 2023, features artworks depicting frequently open eyes that avidly consume images from diverse worlds. Beyond the literal interpretation of the title, the exhibition explores the tension between the artist’s gaze, desiring the images, and the works themselves, filled with eyes that covet our attention. The eyes in the paintings, whether detached from a body, floating in a river, or adorning the side of a head, create a captivating presence, living in harmony with nature and playfully observing the whims of life.

Miriam, through her paintings, skillfully crafts creatures that beckon viewers into a parallel universe where time meanders through a blend of familiar and imagined prehistoric pasts. She portrays mythology as a hybrid entity, blending the enigmatic identities of animals and humans. Throughout her creations, the eyes maintain their prominence—large and open, serving as diverse symbols gazing from the papers.